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Emergency Utility Trucks IGSU

Destination: The vehicle is designed to transport persons alongside specific materials in order to produce quick intervention with maximum effectiveness in case of emergency.

Interior design:
– battery that produces the energy needs for all vehicle electrical equipment and additional specific features
– corridor lighting lamps and light vigil
– lamp lighting outdoor area next to the doors
– lamp lighting engine compartment
– radio CD with MP3 speakers for the passenger compartment
– 2 doors front side (left and right)
– 1 sliding door on the right
– 2 rear doors open to 270⁰

Vehicles have 15 seats in the back:

  • a row (double) consists of ten fixed seats on the left side, facing in the direction of travel
  • a row (singles) on the right side consists of 4 seats (fixed) oriented in the direction of travel, and the first row seat with backrest to fold the seat, fixed alongside the second pair of seats on the left row
  • a  seat, in the middle of the back row, between the last seats on the two rows, facing the direction of travel

– storage shelf inside the cabin without a net or grille
– covered with washable floor material (linoleum)
– hatch opening 2 directions with emergency evacuation role
– heating system fueled from the fuel tank of the car, engine-independent
– climate control system with front and rear air conditioning with manual adjustment
– cold air ventilation system for the driver and front seat
– additional ventilation system with cold air for passenger space with ventilation nozzles.
– storage space for accessories separated from the cabin by fixed-resistant panel placed behind the last row of seats
– floor of the storage area covered with ribbed aluminum sheet
– each compartment equipped with 3 shelves (removable) adjustable height

Outside fitting:
– signaling device (warning) optical
– ramp light lamps with LED modules of red color
– signaling system (warning) type optical lightning
– acoustic warning device
– speakers arranged in the ramp, with 100W power
– warning devices with 3 tonalities siren
– public address system and microphone type,, Click to talk ”
– panel and microphone for acoustic and optical warning system, located in an area accessible to the driver and front passenger
– inscribed as required by the beneficiary.